review of metadata

I mainly used the metadata of Library of Congress for the images I use. Generally the metadata describes title, contributor, year of publishing, genre, size, location, copy of right and citing.

It does not include the features such as the actual size of the objects, the texture, weight, smell and a 360 degree image of objects.

The metadata allows you ask questions about the item itself, for example, a picture or a video. The questions include, where is this picture from? Who took it? What or who’s in it? Can I use it? To what extent I can use it? If I want to cite this source, what exact format and content should be?

But the metadata doesn’t allow you to ask questions about the images or people inside the pictures. For example, for the bottled milk image I use, how big is such a bottle? Is it the same milk as we drink today, or milk 70 years ago tasted different? How accurately does this picture show the image? The light in the picture (telling from the shadow on the wall) is sunshine or bulb light? What is the purpose of organizing bottles in this way? Anyway, you can’t find much information about the objects in the pictures themselves in metadata. The link of the bottled image is here:

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