Reflection on Kepler is a mapping tool that can visualize the location-based data on maps of various forms. There are simple points, arc, heatmap and many other types of marks that can reveal what is hidden in a collection of data. Each type has its strength and weakness.

Simple points (point map) can better show the locations with more details showing up by clicking the dots but it can’t show a trend or density while cluster (base map) can better show intensity of subjects which may also reveal a “trend”. Network map, as it name shows, can better show network, or the movement of people or goods. I am most impressed with network map, of arc or of line, because it can clearly show two types of data and their connection by overlapping some parts of them.

In short, Kepler.lg is a very useful mapping tool to visualize data. And it can analyze multiple layers of data at the same time, making it a very powerful tool to visualize the multiple facets of the collection as well as the possible connection among these facets.

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