the update on the project

My project on the Chinese in America is in the phase where I upload various historical material. Thanks to the past experience, I find it is faster to set up the frame and build the website by uploading all the things first. I used to upload some things, build a subsection and in middle of this work, I found I needed more things then I went back to upload. I found this pretty time-consuming and inefficient. So, now I changed my strategy and am trying to collect as many archives as possible and upload them together.

The challenge I face when I do the project is my knowledge of omeka. I know the basic skills now to use it but it needs improving. For example, I don’t know how to make the webpage look more beautiful and professional. I tried to use new appearance rather than  pick one of the default three but Omeka showed the new plugin is not valid. Another example is I would like to embed pages inside one webpage in the forms of tab, like this .  In the future, I need time to solve such technical problems and make my website look great.

My plan is to finish first uploading all the material I need for the project then devote a whole block of time to read study the instructions on the Omeka forum on how  to organize and demonstrate the things better.

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