What I Learned From User Research

I have done user interviews with two people. This is what I learned from user research:

  1. Due to different education level and life experience, people may not be able to answer all questions but they can provide some new perspectives I didn’t realize and these new perspectives can broaden the horizons of my project. I am thinking if I should adjust my set of question, not “one set for all”, but list more questions to enrich my research.
  2. Sometimes you need to guide them, remind them or adjust your questions so that they can talk more. And when they talk about things irrelative to your questions, you need to find a way to politely bring them back to the track without offending them.
  3. For other potential users, I am thinking if I should narrow down or widen the range of my target interviewees because  I may not get what I want from a certain group of people.
  4. These people may provide some useful resources I don’t have or think of. I need to add this question into the list of questions.
  5. The user research definitely makes me rethink my project, from questions to the target interviewees. I need to more time to redesign the project that can exhibit a comprehensive view over Asian Americans.

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