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Leong Yuen and Leong Hoey at Leong & Co. store, 230 1/2 Third St., Portland, Oregon

Chew Lai, age 38, arrived in Seattle on SS President Jefferson on 28 June 1930. His destination was New York City. He was charged $8 for the Alien Head Tax. [worth about $109 in 2015] He was originally admitted as the minor son of merchant, Chew Sun,…

Eng Sing (on the right) was about three years old when this photograph was taken ca. 1912 with his mother and brother. Eng Sing, age 13, arrived in Seattle on 26 November 1925 on the SS President Jefferson. His father, a merchant, was unable to prove…

Chin Bing Hung and Fong Chung Hing were married on 1 February 1923 in Hong Kong. The other people in the wedding photo are not identified.

In 1940 Helen Low, age 21, was applying to leave the United States via auto through Blaine, Washington. She needed to obtain permission from the Canadian authorities before entering Canada. She gave her address as 172 10th Avenue, Seattle, WA, in…

Lee Mo, age 18, was living in Portland, Oregon when he obtained his Certificate of Residence. He was working as a laborer.

Gin Yut Ching was born on 1 August 1930, 4:30 a.m. on SS President Jackson, Voyage 24-E, latitude: 42-13 N, longitude: 155-45 E. Arrived in Seattle, Wash. on 9 August 1930; address: 2245 Wentworth Ave.; certificate of identity 64172.

The 1924 United States immigration act specifically exempted from quota restriction professors and ministers of any religion as well as their wives and minor children

Photographs for Rev. Kai Chong Yeung and family. Rev. K. C. Yeung was the minister at The First Chinese Presbyterian Church, 225 East 31st Street, New York, New York. He applied to have his wife, Lee Chan Wah, and their four children join him in New…

This letter is from Wong Fook’s employer. Wong Fook lost his original certificate of residence about 1901 or 2. He reapplied about three years later and received a duplicate certificate. That certificate was destroyed in a fire on 12th April 1909. In…
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