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History In The Images


The collection includes the things the Chinese Americans had during the Chinese Exclusion period such as marriage certificate, certificate of residence and business cards.

Collection Items

Family Photo – Chan Cheung-chi
Chan Cheung-chi arrived in Seattle on August 18, 1937 on the President Jackson. His destination was Philadelphia, PA.

Chinese Business Cards
A variety of Chinese business cards included in Wong Hong King’s case file. Qyong Yuen Long Co. Seattle, WA; Ng Gong Taxi, Vancouver, BC; Kwong Fat Lung Co., Vancouver, BC; Kwong Fat Lung Co., Seattle, WA; Olympic Cab Co., Seattle, WA; California…

Wedding Certificate
Tom Doon married Lee Ping on 4 July 1927. They lived in Tucson, AZ.

1904 Birth Certificate Henry Lee
No. 77, Certificate of Birth, Department of Public Health, City of and County of San Francisco, State of California Register No. 4668, Volume K, page 84 Name: Lee, Henry, sex: Male, Race: Mongolian, Date of Birth: March 29th 1904 Name of father: Lee,…

Interview Photos of Wong Family
Wong Ming Bow was born in San Francisco, CA about 1875. He made several trips back to China. In 1916 he brought back his son, Wong Hong Sun. After serving in the U.S. Army during World War I, Wong Hong Sun went back to China to get married. He and…

Wong Fook On Family Portrait
Wong Cee Wong (Henry Hope Wong), Wong Haw Bo (Paul), Wong Loy Bo (Roy), Wong Jung Bo (James), Wong Foo Bo (Raymond), Wong Yit Ho (Ruth), and their parents: Wong Fook On (William Hope Wong) and Chun Yow.

Certificate of Identity for (Chin) Lin Hing
(Chin) Lin Hing, Age:30, Height 5 ft., Occupation: laundryman, Admitted as returning citizen going to #14 Oxford St., Boston, Mass. Physical marks and peculiarities: large read left temple, faint vertical scar on left cheek. Issued at the port of…

Yip Fay---Certificate of Residence
The certificate had pale green ribbons and a gold seal. It was signed by A. Caminetti, Commissioner General of Immigration and Louis F. Post, Assistant Secretary of Labor.

Yep Sue--Passport
Information from pages 2 & 3: Description of bearer: Height: 5 feet 6 inches; Hair: gray; eyes: brown; place of birth: Portland, Oregon; date of birth October 24, 1877; occupation: none The passport was valid for two months and could not be…

Herman Lowe – 1938 Affidavit
Gay Sic Wy, born 10 November 1894, San Francisco, CA, was working as a U. S. Postal Clerk in Oakland, CA in 1936 when he applied for a native’s return certificate, Form 430. His birth had never been officially recorded. He presented an honorable…
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